Decoding the Philosophy of Reincarnation: Strategies for living an enchanted and creative life.


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In this episode of Enchanted Beast Podcast, Ella shares three strategies derived from the philosophy of reincarnation to start living your most enchanted and creative life. Stick around till the end of the show, and she shares with you how to receive an invitation to a free webinar where she shares even more strategies and tips designed to get you moving toward your own enchanting, creative life.

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What is reincarnation… really?

  • This controversial belief is defined in its simplest terms as the rebirth of a soul in another body.
  • Roughly about 25% of Americans believe in some form of reincarnation and about the same amount of Europeans not associated with religions believing in reincarnation
  • “This concept of rebirth necessarily implies the continuity of personality… (that) one is able, at least potentially, to remember that one has lived through previous existences and that these existences were one's own…” Carl Gustav Jung


  • Creative—a deeper, closer, more intimate look (link to OE dictionary)
  • The number fourteen is a powerful and transforming number

My Definition of Creative

Creative is having a productive imagination capable of working with all available temples on-hand, while actively producing the soul’s quality intention to function as resourcefully as possible.

Using the philosophy of Reincarnation to live an enchanting and creative life: 3 or 10 strategies

  1. Learn As Much As Possible
  2. Raise Your Karmic Vibration
  3. Recognize Your Own Divinity

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