Easter 2022


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TOGETHER GROUP QUESTIONS Read John 20:1-16. What is God’s Word saying to you in this passage? What is God’s heart for His people? Share a time in your life when all your hopes and dreams seemed to have been crushed, only to look back and see that the Lord had bigger plans. When the resurrected Christ called Mary’s name, all her weeping, confusion, and frustration ceased. When, and how, have you ever heard, felt, or discerned that the Lord was calling you to follow Him? For the 2 travelers on the road to Emmaus, what do you think their perspective was on everything before they realized it was Jesus with them? How can you relate to them when going through uncertain times? Why is it so easy to lose sight of Jesus walking amongst us in our daily routine? Why is it so easy to lose sight of God’s promises? How does the cross and the resurrection change your life and your eternity? Read John 21:15-57. After restoring Peter, Jesus calls him to a deeper commitment, as well as surrendering his will of leading his own life, to now be led by the Holy Spirit. How is Jesus calling you deeper in this next season? How are you being led by the Spirit? Close in prayer by letting each person in the circle pray and thank God in their own way for the Resurrection.

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