Episode 6: May the Forms be with You (feat. Marina Mosti)


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This episode features a new guest Marina Mosti, author of the book "Build Forms with Vue.js." We get the opportunity to chat about forms in Vue, her writing process and her journey as a developer and educator.

[00:01:25] Marina discusses how she started using Vue and how she started coding using PHP, which led her to Laravel, a free open source PHP web framework.

[00:04:18] Elizabeth asks Marina what made her want to become an educator and put out those resources into the ecosystem.

[00:05:39] Marina talks about mentoring other women and offering 5-10 minute workshops and exercises to help them understand various focused topics like principles of UX. Also, she talks about the first article she wrote on date-fns.

[00:09:23] Marina touches on writing for Progress. Then at some point she started working for VoiceThread and created an educational oriented tool for teachers and users.

[00:11:12] Marina’s book, “Building Forms With Vue.js,” was an idea based on a personal annoyance she had with websites not being able to submit forms. Listen to hear about what her book is about.

[00:17:10] Ben asks a question about what it means to “mask your input.” Marina talks about Vuelidate and how it’s an amazing library.

[00:27:07] Ben asks Marina about how writing a blog was not at all like writing a long article. She elaborates on this.

[00:32:56] Ari asks about techniques Marina uses to make sure you’re breaking things to a level that’s digestible to someone new to programming.

[00:40:58] Elizabeth asks if Marina has any suggestions for dealing with CSS and dynamic forms.

Special Guest: Marina Mosti.

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