Enlighten Me - Episode 31 - S.O.S.


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Show Credit: WERA-FM, 96.7|Show Title: S.O.S. On the program, Tasha Eurich, author of Insight, shows us that we are not as self aware as we think. She’ll also outline steps on how to truly see ourselves clearly. It could probably help a lot of people in the political sphere right about now. ALSO– A couple of new indie films that deserve support are making themselves known on the internet. Penny Hollis, director of Maxine and The Birthday Gift, opens up about mental health awareness and the black community. Enlighten Me Wednesday 4-5p ET WERA-FM 96.7|@EnlightenMeWERA Enlighten Me is a newstalk program that aims to educate and inform. From historical perspectives to modern day stories, we will focus our attention on the issues that everyone deals with — be it policy, health, education, the economy, current events and race. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/enlighten-me/support

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