Alex Salnikov: Rarible – The NFT Transformation


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NFTs are a new paradigm that opens possibilities for new types of interactions. In digital art, it has caught on like wildfire and is transforming how people think of ownership.

Alex Salnikov has been immersed in the crypto world for many years and recognized the potential of NFTs. He created Rarible, an NFT marketplace that has seen rapid growth. But the vision of Rarible is to be more an open transaction protocol for NFTs and serve many different markets.

He joined us to discuss the different NFT use cases and how NFTs can scale and function in a multi-chain world. It's a great conversation at the unfolding of a new paradigm.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Alex's background and how he got into crypto
  • How Rarible was created and why they decided to focus on NFTs
  • What are NFTs and how are they different to other cryptocurrencies
  • What’s driving the massive growth of NFTs right now?
  • The link between owning an NFT and legal ownership
  • How does Alex see NFTs and Rarible evolving in the future
  • How NFTs work on a technical level, storing metadata securely, and the costs of minting NFTs
  • The roadmap of Rarible as a marketplace and the challenges associated with it

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