003: Quad in LA and the Evening Hopefuls!


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In episode 003 We take a deep dive into quantising with the Analogue Solutions Generator. Then we turn our attention to the mighty Haken Continuum, we go through the feel of the instrument and its sounds. For our ‘Arts Segment,’ we turn our attention to Suzanne Ciani and her quadraphonic performance at Los Angeles Public Library 2018. Moving on to the ‘Listeners Questions’ we cover more Quad. Our featured artist and album are Hainbach and his album ‘The Evening Hopefuls’. And we round it all up with some events and shout-outs!
Show Note Timings

Into: 0.00

Show Run Down: 0.38

Pre Show Chat: 1.07

News Round-up: 1.44

Analogue Solutions Generator and quantising: 2.00

The Esoteric Instrument- Haken Continuum: 17.41

The Arts Project Segment- Suzanne Ciani Quad performance: 33.58

Listener Questions: Quad 40.00

Featured Bandcamp Artist of the Show Hainbach: 45.24

Round-Up: 51.46

Shout Outs: 54.14

Show Notes

Chat and News Round Up

Future Sound Systems


Analogue Solutions Generator


Ben’s Video: Analogue Solutions Generator demo - https://youtu.be/2u9_yDPCwms

Intellijel Scales


Addac SystemADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer


Ornament & Crime


Instruo Harmonaig


Ben’s Video: Instruo Harmonaig (play around) - https://youtu.be/xiTLUmSQOpE

Koma Attenuator


Mutant Modular Passive Attenuator


Ben’s Video: Mutant Modular Passive Attenuators - https://youtu.be/TxdaFoNv8FQ

RYO Airtenuator


The Modular & Esoteric Equipment Segment
We talk about very interesting esoteric Instrument, The Haken Continuum!

Haken Audio


Lego like keyboard to demo intonation and demonstrating the instability in western intonation - https://youtu.be/APtJsaPxNgo

Ed’s Video: Playing with the Continuum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee70ueUj8Ys&t

The Arts Project Segment

We talk about Suzanne Ciani and her Quadraphonic performance at Los Angeles Public Library 2018.


PodMod with Tim- Suzanne show - https://podularmodcast.fireside.fm/suzannecianipodmod

Listeners Questions

Nocumtblance on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/noctambulance/

Francisco López LÓPEZ IMMERSIVE SOUND Francisco López - Live Sound Performance dark blindfolded


Francisco López Lecture (Madrid 2011) | Red Bull Music Academy biologist

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