014: ‘A Festive Roundup'


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In this week's show, we have a festive round-up and some gear chat with Signal Sounds Jason Brunton! We talk about the move of signal sounds, Ben's new module release, the 'ochd'. We then get into the top-selling modules and interesting equipment of this year. All amongst a general chat on the unique aspects of collaborations within the modular scene.
Show Timings

Intro: 000
Guest and talk about Signal Sounds: Intro 2.57
ochd, Bens new module: 9.22
Signal Sounds Distribution and collaboration: 14.13
Top-selling Modules at Signal Sounds: 19.20
Interesting equipment of 2019: 31.25
Ed talks about this years interests 42.12
Show Roundup 46.00
Show Notes
Jason Signal sounds:
Jason iridite label

Ben's new module release, the 'ochd'
Grear, we have talked about:
Top-selling Modules at Signal Sounds 2019

Mordax Data
Doepfer Passive Mult
Interesting equipment of 2019

Landscape HC-TT
XAOC Odessa
MarkT Modular Robot Cat Blanking Panel (10hp)
Velocity Seattle:

Waveform Magazine:

Kyle Swishers new ‘Source of Uncertainty’ podcast:

Our Pre-show special, check it out

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