019: 'For The love Of The Magnétique!'


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On this week's show, we have Scott Campbell, a musician, sound designer, instrument-maker, & graphic designer based in New Orleans, LA. We talk circuit bending in the ’90s and his history. Of course, we talk all about the OM1. Then we move on to instruments in general and his musical journey and output.

Show Times:

Intro and me and Ben talk the goodies we have been working with 0.00

Guest intro 12.35

Scott's history and background 13.20

The OM1 22.37

Scott's musical sound techniques 33.20

Instruments scot likes working with 35.35

Scott's Music Journey 42.30

Tips on his music production 55.30

Round up 57.30

Scott's Information:

All of Scott's information including Stillness and the Remembrance video we talk about can be found at https://linktr.ee/scttcmpbll - and his Instagram where he is most active is at: https://www.instagram.com/scttcmpbll/

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