20 expressions with the word FREE


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Do you know what it means to have a "free spirit" or "free rein"? Is being a "freeloader" a good thing or a bad thing? Today you'll learn the answers to these questions and much more - I'll teach you 10 interesting expressions with the word "free."

Expressions like "get off scot-free" and "give someone free rein" are examples of idioms - short phrases that can't be explained or translated literally. What's the best way to learn idioms, if you can't translate them literally? The best way is to learn them in context - by seeing real examples of when native English speakers would use each expression. I made a course that will teach you 300+ idioms in 30 days! Each lesson has 4 steps:

  1. You'll try to GUESS the meaning of each idiom from an example sentence
  2. You'll LEARN the correct meaning of each expression from my teaching
  3. You'll REVIEW the idioms by taking a quiz
  4. You'll PRACTICE using the idioms by answering questions
You can take lesson 1 for free... ...and join the course to get all 30 lessons.

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