Why do Flamingos stand on one leg? Why do waves break on the beach? Why do bears hibernate when They've got such Long Fur to Keep Them Warm?


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In this week's show we answer three questions, from Millie, Diah and Tommi. They would like to know why flamingos stand on one leg, why waves break on the beach and why bears hibernate when they've got such long fur to keep them warm? We find out about flamingo legs, how they sleep standing up, why they're pink and why they sometimes lose their pink colour when they have new baby chicks! We answer Diah's question which she sent in from her home on the island of Bali, in Indonesia and hear her language, Bahasa Indonesian. Finally we find out why bears hibernate and how they do it - including the way they plug up their bottoms for a winter snooze with a special plug they make themselves called a 'tappen'.

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