Preventing pediatric vehicular heatstroke


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This week, Host, Dean DeVore welcomes Dr. Steven Cliff, the Acting Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Dr. Cliff joins the podcast to talk about a very important and devastating issue facing us today— pediatric vehicular heatstroke. As we enter warmer spring weather across the United States, the number of infant and toddler fatalities due to vehicular heatstroke increases significantly. Dr. Cliff shares advice to help caregivers from unintentionally forgetting their children in the vehicle.

Remember these three things:

  • · NEVER leave a child in a vehicle unattended.
  • · Make it a habit to look in the back seat EVERY time you exit the car.
  • · ALWAYS lock the car and put the keys out of reach.

Additional Information: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration –

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