Don’t Be a Jehovah’s Witness Poster Child


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All too many times individuals get fed up with the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society and they leave the organization. They may get into all kinds of trouble because they have finally gotten to the stage in life where they feel no one can tell them what to do. Instead of leaving and going to college to get an education or getting involved with civic organizations, they sink to an all time low, doing any and everything they believe they are big enough to do.

When the members in their congregation hear reports about these individuals they are either being sent off to jail, mixed up with drugs, unwanted pregnancies and are living life lower than a person that never professed a love for God.

The poster child becomes the example that the brothers at the Kingdom Hall parade in front of the congregation as an individual other youngsters will want to avoid following. It literally puts fear in the minds of those that hear the stories and they remain in the organization for many years not realizing that just because you leave the organization does not mean that you will get involved in bad behavior.

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