46: Truth Talks: Barbara Lodge Shares What Every Family Member Wants to Know About Addiction


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“Keep loving your kids; love yourself. It's not easy, but don't think you're failing if you can't have a moment in a room with your son.” –Barbara Straus Lodge

They say a mother’s love is the purest love on earth. But, can that love prevail when addiction creates a barrier between a mother and her child? Listen to the story of Barbara Straus Lodge.

Barbara is a writer and an activist and her works revolve around addiction and recovery. She is also the Vice President of Above the Noise Foundation, a foundation that funds addiction-stricken communities by hosting music festivals. She also founded TruthTalks™, a workshop that helps families understand what’s going on in the mind and heart of their loved one who has a substance-use disorder. Currently, she is working to pass a bill on selling Nitrous Oxide, a gas that has been used as a recreational drug since the 1700s. Learn why she is so determined to win this fight.

Today’s episode is more than just a heart-warming story of a mother’s love. Behind all the emotions are a real reason for parents to be cautious. If you have seen canisters in your kid’s trash, be alarmed. Know what they are and how they can affect your child. But, what if your child has already been pulled deep into the abyss of addiction? Learn how love and understanding play a major part in rebuilding the trust and ties that has been broken by the addiction barrier. As the words above suggest, parents fail if they stopped trying to reach out to their child. Communication is essential, but in a stress-filled home, it might seem impossible. So here are some tips on how to improve your communication and start reconnecting with each other. As our guest said, ‘It’s all about your kid.’ Save them while you still can.

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03:22 Barbara Five Years Ago

06:46 Ask and Listen

10:00 The Writer Within

11:58 An Under the Radar Drug

17:16 Warning Signs!

22:47 Truth Talks

38:38 Breaking the Addiction Barrier

41:26 It’s All About Your Kid

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