September 27, 2020 | On GPS: America's potential post-election mess; Trump's Supreme Court Nominee; Javad Zarif on the future of Iran's nuclear deal


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Airdate September 27, 2020: Will the American people choose their next president? Or will the courts? Fareed gives his Take on how the upcoming U.S. election could pan out. And, who is Amy Coney Barrett? Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court would put the Supreme Court on a much more conservative course. What will that mean for the Court and its rulings on America's most contested issues--abortion rights, gun laws, reproductive rights? Legal experts Noah Feldman and Emily Bazelon explain. Then, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tells Fareed about the pressure Iran feels under U.S. sanctions. What's the future of U.S.-Iran relations? Is the nuclear deal still on the table? Zarif speaks to these questions and more.

GUESTS: Noah Feldman, Emily Bazelon, Javad Zarif

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