Helpline: Babies who need to be held to sleep, separation anxiety and more


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Raising small children is an all-consuming experience. Sometimes it's difficult to see the forest for the trees. Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue is here to give you perspective and find ways to tweak your routine or feeding to make life smoother. This week on Helpline Chris helps: A 10 week-old who needs to be held to sleep, a two and a-half-year-old twin who gets upset every time someone leaves, an 11 week-old not sleeping well during the day, weaning a two-and-a-half year old off breastfeeding, how long a six-month-old should be awake between sleeps, what a routine for two-year-old looks like, an early rising 10 month-old and helping a 12 month-old sleep longer in his day naps.

Chris Minogue's book is called Bringing Baby Home

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