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Want access to the best knowledge, tips, tactics, and strategies from the world's most exciting (and successful) entrepreneurs - who happen to be women? Read on... We started the Female Startup Club podcast to bring you insights and learnings from the world’s most successful female founders, entrepreneurs, and women in business. This is a space for women-in-progress to learn through insightful episodes, be inspired, and take action to get what you want out of your startup.We’re on a mission to help women build impactful eCommerce and direct-to-consumer businesses through inspirational and practical content. More than a podcast, Female Startup Club is an educational platform that provides insightful podcasts and technical business courses. The startup series has grown into one of the top 0.5% of podcasts listened to globally and became a top 10 podcast for Entrepreneurship in the US that impacts thousands of small business owners every day. Inspiration for the podcast came from reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss and loving the way men share so directly, that no BS approach. We wanted to hear that same business perspective from women. No fluff. (Btw, the book is awesome but it lacks the female perspective). Enter Female Startup Club. What started as quick video interviews with women chatting about their CPG and DTC businesses on social media turned into a thriving startup podcast. Now just over a year in we’ve done 330+ episodes with some of the world’s most exciting female entrepreneurs who share their direct insights, learnings, eCommerce tactics, and strategies in business to help other founders who are trying to figure startup life out and navigate the entrepreneurial path. We’re totally bias, but it’s really cool. Even though it’s an interview-style show, it’s really just two women having a girlfriend-to-girlfriend chat about how she’s built her business. It’s like meeting an interesting founder at a party, being genuinely curious about what they’re doing, and excited to understand the why and how of their entrepreneurial journey. We like to think of Female Startup Club as your Hype Girl. We show that it’s possible and give you the motivation, tools, and resources you need to keep going in business.Today, we have the luxury of talking to some of the most inspiring women in the female entrepreneurial space three times a week through the Female Startup Club podcast. From Blueland’s Sarah Paiji Yoo-, to Rowena Bird from LUSH Cosmetics and further big names such as Gretta van Riel, Sandy Lin, Mimi Ikonn, and Nadya Okamoto. When you zoom out to the big picture, there are clear patterns among the startup growth paths and tactics of these various women, despite coming from vastly different stories and businesses. All these founder conversations have led to a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the realities of starting an eCommerce business in today’s climate. We’ve been told over and over again by these women that they’re happy to share their startup journeys so deeply because they wish there had been a platform like this when they were starting out. If we can show other women-in-progress that anyone can do it,- and that we all start from the same place (an idea!), we can empower women to dream big and think bigger.But above all, at Female Startup Club we truly believe the opportunities arising from knowledge sharing in the female entrepreneurial community to be limitless. Something we strive to do every day is to create a network of powerful women who want to learn and share, to collect learnings, insights, and strategies, and create useful-, valuable content relevant to the DTC, CPG, eCommerce space. ⁣Hold each other up, share our ideas with our community, and expand your businesses and minds. For this, we are extremely proud to be official supporters of the Malala Fund, donating a portion of our sales to the non-profit working for a world where every girl can learn and lead. Learn more at: Femalestartupclub.com

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