Precision and Sustainable Agriculture with Dr. David Clay


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Precision Agriculture Basics with Dr. David Clay

Dr. David Clay, along with the precision agriculture community, are working like codebreakers to crack the secret to more efficient, more environmentally friendly farming. The key? Understanding variability.

Across any given farm field, there are many discrepancies in how given points of the field react to similar management practices. If farmers understand what causes those discrepancies, they can fine tune management in ways that can optimize fertilizer and pesticide use, inputs, and time. Getting this type of information used to mean extensive and costly soil sampling. Dr. Clay discusses how tech has made it possible to make great management decisions from data obtained miles above a farm.

  • Learn about this as well as:
  • What are the types of variability found in a field?
  • Why does topography affect yield?
  • How does the Dust Bowl impact us and the land today?
  • What is soil’s memory effect?
  • What are zone sampling and grid sampling? Why is the difference important?
  • How can one identify chlorophyll from miles away?

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