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The average American spends $18,000 a year on nonessential items, and people were not happy when other out-of-touch dinosaurs told them how to spend their money.

- Should my 50-year-old dad pick a Roth 401(k) or regular 401(k)(Legolas) - We are struggling to pay off a home renovation (Rebecca) - I feel guilty about taking vacations while paying down debt (Vincent) - Should I pay off my car if the interest is the same as what I'm getting in my savings account (Anna) - Can you front-load a 529 College Savings Plan (Anon) - Best way to save for retirement in Canada (Denise, Nova-Scotia, Canada) - Should I invest in a 401(k) if I already have an ESOP (Tony, Ohio) - Thanks for writing a book my husband would read (Lori) - Using apps to avoid toll roads - Red Alert Warning - crypto-scams

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