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Do you include your house and car in your overall net worth? Rachel and her family are aiming for a FIRE number of $2 million. Her and her husband focus on a high savings rate, prioritising their budget and building a side income to speed up their journey. You'll love that story. We also chat about... Budgeting categories How they manage big expenses Their total net worth How Rachel is participating in GCV's blogging and Etsy course Enjoy this chat with Rachel, and please subscribe to us in iTunes if you enjoyed it! Show notes and links from today's episode Blog: Money Hacking Mama Rachel on Instagram Gold City Ventures Article: The Shockingly Simple Math to Early Retirement Net Worthify Calculator Redfin YNAB Key takeaways from our chat with Rachel 1 - How Rachel keeps a high savings rate Rachel uses YNAB to do all her budgeting, keep track of her net worth and manage all her expenses. She looks at the big picture of her yearly expenses and compares it to her income. From there she can easily prioritise her values, and figure out what she needs to cut down to keep a high savings rate. This means she's more careful when buying gifts at Christmas, for example. 2 - Why her house and car are not part of her net worth Her household's net worth is currently $650k, and her and her husband are aiming for $2 million. This does not include their house and car since she says that those two, although assets, won't pay them any money. Having said this, both assets will be paid off by the time they're retired. 3 - Her experience with blogging and Etsy Rachel joined Gold City Ventures because she always wanted to manage a blog and make some side income online. She knew she needed someone to help her with the technical side, and the course has helped her through every milestone. The community is very powerful and this keeps her posting regularly. She's also started with Etsy and has completed over 60 sales! Questions? Like or dislike? Leave us a comment! Want to support the podcast? Here are three things you can do. 1. Start tracking your net worth with Personal Capital using our link. It's free. 2. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and get one extra LIVE episode from us per week. 3. Join our Facebook group and connect with other members of the FI community.

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