31. Bruce Witkin (Musician/Producer… Hollywood Vampires, Adam Ant, Marilyn Manson and many more) || Five (or More) Questions With Tommy Black


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Bruce Witkin and Tommy Black discuss:
•Starting off in Florida where his Mother was a booking agent. Being in The Kids with Johnny Depp.
•The Kids Opening for Iggy Pop, Pretenders and B52’s
•The whole band moving from Florida to LA together
•Touring and doing a record with Adam Ant and now his daughter’s band Glam Skanks is touring with Adam Ant.
•Doing the “ You’re So Vain” cover with Marilyn Manson at Johnny Depp’s studio
•Working with Andy Johns
•Chuck E. Weiss Mondays at the Central (The Central became the Viper)
•Crawling in the ceiling of the Central and setting up the PA for the Viper Room. Johnny saying “What do we buy what should we get?”
•Tom Petty playing the Viper Room opening night
•Johnny calling him at 1:00 in the morning saying Michael Hutchence is here and wants to jam for Kate Moss’s birthday after hours.
•Seeing The Black Crowes and Jakob Dylan shows at the Viper Room because it’s a cool place to play.
•Working with Joe Perry on his solo album and playing with the Hollywood Vampires.
•Playing Rock n Rio and The Grammys.
•How he wants to mentor and help young musicians.

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