131 - Will Curran (Endless Events) On The New Virtual Events Industry


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About this episode: Will is the founder and CEO of Endless Events, a leading event production company in the industry for the past decade. In the last week, he pivoted his while company so he and his 30 employees can weather the storm.
Listen to this episode if you are interested in:

- First-hand experience of what's going on in the events industry w/ COVID-19
- How it personally affected Will and his company
- Knowing the "Oh shit" moment for Will and when he decided to pivot his company in an instant
- How to run your own virtual event
- Are curious about questions to be asking yourself on if you should have a virtual event
- Will's tips on how everyone can help out the events industry
- What the future looks like for WIll and Endless.
- And tons more!

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