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Update on our week: We are back Free Form Renegades, this episode we fill you in on our weeks’ and give you an insight into our weekly article on how there are many ways in which the average user is killing their iPhone battery. Noel discusses his 1st month at his new job, working overtime, and saving up for future plans. He also shares his unusual experience with making friends with a dragonfly at the office and how his coworkers see him as a Kindred Spirit walking amongst them. Noel discusses the increase in income that has him temporarily sacrificing going out for saving up to make future plans and wise investments. Noel enlightens us on his plans to join UFC Gym finally coming together as he eyes the Lombard location near work. He sheds light on how he takes dating seriously and although he has plans to date in the near future, he cannot rush into something he wants to be meaningful and long lasting. Daniel talks on home repairs and how Facebook can be alluring for finding freelance specialists like electricians and plumbers. He discusses his experience with a plumbing issue his sink was causing and the journey to fixing and resolving the problem. A trip to Enchanted Castle has Daniel Jr very entertained and it broadens his experiences from the usual Chuckie Cheese events. It gets us Free Form Renegades excited about revisiting Dave and Busters sometime in the future. Dave and Busters is the Enchanted Castle for adults and aside from Gameworks, is the next best choice for arcade gaming in West Chicago. Andy expresses his disappointment in the lack of betting pools and squares for this year’s football season at work. He goes into detail on how football pools at work are organized and how the potential for great earnings are there. Opinions are shared on how it makes watching the weekly Football games that much more entertaining. Purchasing Sightings has Andy reliving some old memories of watching shows on the supernatural as a kid. He goes into detail on the shows impact towards the industry and how it helped grow a fanbase for other supernatural television shows.

Article for the week: This week we discuss how there are many ways in which the average phone user can quickly ruin their batteries and how to possibly prevent it.

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Free Form Radio - Episode 055 - 10/20/16
Hosted by Daniel, Andy and Noel



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