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From 1 to 100 is a podcast where we talk about building your YouTube community from 1 (that’s you) to 100 so that you can make a living doing what you love. This show aims to highlight a different kind of success, one where YouTube is not the end goal but rather a means to an end. Tune in for tips, tools, and tidbits about how to build a business around being a YouTube creator. Kevin Kelly came up with the concept of 1000 true fans where you only need $100 per fan per year to make a living as a creator. The passion economy approach is to create something truly transformational for 100 true fans so that you can make $1000 per fan per year. With the passion economy business model, success is based on the depth of the community instead of its volume. Being a content creator is the fastest-growing type of small business and if you want to use YouTube, not to become a mega-influencer, but to build a business doing what you love, then this podcast is for you! Hi, I’m your host, Heather Ramirez and I’ve been creating on YouTube since April 2016. Because of YouTube, I’ve built a brand around my individuality, I’ve built a business around my passion, and I even met the love of my life. Even with a relatively modest number of subscribers, YouTube has enabled me to make a living doing what I love. Through this podcast, I hope to help others do the same. Catch the video version of this podcast LIVE, every Tuesday at 1pm PST at

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