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FrontLeft Podcast is a society, culture & lifestyle podcast that brings fun and flavour to your ears.The three podcast hosts: Teza, Trey & Josh, are three articulate gentlemen that are un afraid to tackle difficuilt topics lending their blend of experiences and knowledge to lead well rounded conversation, that are focused on Liverpool but also focus on the wider Northwest Region. The 3 podcast hosts, who consist of three big personalities, hailing from Liverpool demonstrate the podcast brand is a blend of seriouness, education and life stories using comedy & entertainment value.All episodes can be found on either audio or visual media via: Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and many other digital listening/viewing platfoms. You know what it is, Frontleft Podcast, Front Left of all conversations. Socials: Instagram: @tezskii @josh_lfts @treylvp@frontleftpodcastTwitter:@Tezskii @Joshorie @X3lvp @frontleftpod Youtube: "search Frontleft Podcast" Facebook: "search Frontleft Podcast"

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