Episode 38: Katie Trickett / International Sideshow, Circus & Variety Performer


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This week I chat to the wonderful Katie Trickett

Katie Trickett is a sideshow, circus and variety performer living in the UK. She likes shoes, tattoos, small dogs and cake! Katie has a degree in Clothing Design and Technology and was set for a life in the fashion industry until a magician asked her to cover a show for his wife as an assistant and her passion for magic and performance began. After two years working in illusions and assisting several UK magicians Katie decided to learn her own magic, specialising in creating her own stage acts and close up magic.

The jump into the world of sideshow came in 2011 with some escapology shows and being part of a team recreating original 1950s sideshows. Sideshow performance is on a completely different level to magic as all the stunts are genuine and require high levels of natural skill to complete them. These shows are full of real danger, excitement, mind boggling wonders and sometimes a little squeamish in parts but are all round fun and a great flash back at traditional alternative performance.

For more information visit:

Website: Katietrickett.co.uk

Facebook: KatieTrickett

Twitter: Katietricky

Instragram: Katie Tricky

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