Episode 40: Twelve Guests from Tatcon 2018


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A great episode 12 incredible guests from stalls from in and around the Tatcon 2018 festival. I start with the organiser Pat Deacon, who was in his mobility scooter nipping about still keeping the event going. I chat to Mike Gregory, a belt buckle salesman, then Nick Henderson who runs a rapture care sanctuary. Natalie Devine and Zane Innes of River Styx. Then Joanna Reeves who runs Bizarre Bits some spooky dolls with plants coming out of their heads!! Kelly Ryan a tattoo artist along with Izzy Thompson and Andy who run Little Lady Tattoos. David Robinson a guitarist on the main stage playing a great set, Alex Alvardo a Venezuelan tattoo artist and finally Bob Ellis a taxidermist!


Pat Deacon - Organiser of Tatcon: Tatcon Blackpool

Mike Gregroy: Buckle Mania UK

Nick Henderson: www.raptor.org.uk

Natalie Devine and Dane Innes: River Styx Tattoo Studio

Joanna Reeve Bizarre Bits

Kelly Ryan Tattoo Artist

Izzy and Andy from Little Lady Tattoo: Littleladytattoos

David Robinson: The Cold Heart Review

Alex Alvarado: www.santocuervotattoo.com

Bob Ellis Taxidermy: www.bob-ellis.co.uk

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