Episode 47: Aunty Ginger / Drag Queen


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This week I chat to a wonderful lady, a marvellous performer Aunty Ginger aka Thomas Henderson-Griffiths.

Ginger has been on the drag circuit for four years and has made a huge impact, she won the Miss Drag UK 2019 competition and is part of The Three Ladies drag musical trio. She organises, produces and performs in her charity nights for the Albert Kennedy Trust and also performs in a variety of drag shows and events around the UK. Plus she is a grade 8 cello player! A multi talented lady indeed!

Come meet everyone’s favourite Aunty, she believes in justice for cougars and combines old school and new school with campy lip sync comedy, badly sung tunes and Dad jokes. She can always be relied on for whipping her baps out at a family gathering and her trademark crusty makeup will give you life, trust!

It's a great interview and a pleasure to have Aunty Ginger on the show! Thank you darling! Check out Aunty's instagram it's filled with great pics and info!

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