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NUCLEAR FUSION: The process whereby the nuclei of light elements combine to form the nucleus of a heaver element, with the release of tremendous amounts of energy. I want to bring together elements of teaching, scripture, prayer and worship. I want to use chilled out ambient tunes and more upbeat euphoric trance for an alternative means Worship. Many of you will be used to worshipping through more 'traditional' music, but I feel that this is an opportunity to create a new sound in worship. The God I serve is a creator God and we are made in His image. Effectively we are created to create. I have been really struck by the proses of nuclear fusion. I recently watched a documentary on tv talking about this. There are two types of nuclear power, fusion and fission. Fission power is what is commonly used in nuclear power stations and creates lots of radioactive waste, however fusion power has the ability to create vast amounts of energy from just water and the only waste product is water. Fusion power is still in its infancy and scientists are still years away from viable fusion power. The reality is that once this power has been harnessed it will solve all the worlds energy problems. I am excited as we journey together and engage in the creative act. I almost feel like a scientist on the verge of discovery. This also comes with the risk of not discovering what I set out to look for, but the pull of the unknown and the push of faith compels me to move forward. I am reminded that David engaged in a creative act. He took only a few smooth stones in a sling and used them to defeat Goliath a mighty and terrible enemy. Jonny Hume 14th November 2009

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