The GABACast: Episode 116. The sky isn't falling, but it's close to the ground.


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Let’s face it; we’ve all had bad days at work. Done stupid things, even. Not that we’d tell anyone about them. Moving on. The South Carolina Gamecocks squared off against the Texas A&M Aggies in a weirdly beautiful symphony of stupid miscues sprinkled in with brilliant overtures. Despite holding the ball for more than 41 minutes of game time, they only managed a three-point win after a botched onside kick left our strange new SEC step-brothers the opportunity to screw up the victory formation, which they almost did. This game had everything, but so did the rest of Week Seven. We all talk about that one week that has ALL of the upsets. This was BLOOD WEEK, Y’ALL! Except this week could’ve been so much worse. We talk about our losers (including COACH FIGHTS) and our winners (hint: gumbo is involved), and we even give y’all a glorious dose of the beautiful mess that is Paul Johnson’s band of misfit pirates. Bees. Whatever. Paul Johnson is a treasure. Licking our wounds doesn’t come close to describing this week’s episode: we dive into the rest of the season, and give our honest assessment of where the program is versus the bill of goods we were sold. In any event, the Gamecocks play our dreaded rival BYE WEEK, so, in addition to our usual nonsense, we decided to take a look at the game we’re most interested to watch, since we don’t have to spend all of Saturday breathing into an Allegiant Air issued barf bag. There are some good ones. Hope y’all enjoy. There are some jokes, some bad stories, hopefully some insight, and definitely some TAEKS. We really hope you enjoy and can’t wait to do it again with y’all next week. Thank you!

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