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Welcome to Gaia Translate Conversations with the Natural World, a podcast featuring channeled conversations with the spirits of nature. As a channel I translate the thought forms of nature into human language serving as an ‘emissary’ if you will for the energies of those of the natural world who seek to know themselves held in the light of awareness and respect in and through the collective awareness of the human field. I perceive myself as a different type of language translation app, a ‘Google Translate’ if you will for the spirits of the natural world. Each episode of Gaia Translate features a direct communication with different awarenesses or spiritual knowings be they in a form or without one as animal, vegetable, mineral or any of the vast landscape of awarenesses that are a part of this dimension and others. The intent of this podcast is to create a public forum through which the spirits of the natural world may translate their thought forms into human language and to communicate directly with us until, as they have offered, we learn or re-learn the language of the heart. Gaia Translate is your direct connection with the sentient beings and the Gaia herself who share this planet. They are excited and willing to offer their urgent guidance and their love to all of us at this critical point in our mutual history.

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