Issue #35: B**ch McConnell


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Hey everybody, welcome to issue 35 of Geek Astronaut, this issue starts out heavy after the events of the last few days. If you'd like to skip to the fun part you can jump to about 26:00. After that we get into Neil Degrasse Tyson wylin, Jared is all in on the new X-Men books: 'House of X' and 'Power of X', we talk about the trailers for Christopher Nolan's 'Tenent'and the Zombieland follow up 'Zombieland: Double Tap', we get into a discussion about Tyrese continuing to Tyrese, the new Lion King, Matt continues fawning over Donald Glover, Atlanta gets a renewal, we discuss the future of Deadpool and MCU Spider-Man, Jared wants a live action Brand New Day (Seriously), some Venom 2 talk, some pontificating about China's love of Venom, a deep dive on our feelings about DC's television shows and Crisis On Infinite Earths, Matt gives a hot take on Batman Beyond, and we close talking a little about Superman: The Animated Series.

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