Diggin Deep #018 - DJ Lady Duracell


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The Diggin Deep series of 2 hour mixes are first heard on Beach Radio on Wednesdays at 8pm UK, and then uploaded to Mixcloud. The mixes are deep, vocal, melodic and progressive house, and I love mixing them, reminds me of my late night radio shows back in the day. I thought it was about time I put at least one of the mixes up for download. Diggin Deep #018 is really close to my heart, it reminds me of sunshine days and happy nights. It's also one of the most popular mixes, so it had to be this one. Hope you feel the vibes. BIG love always, LD.x If you want to here the rest of the Diggin Deep mixes, here's the link: https://www.mixcloud.com/wegetlifted/ 1 Lullaby Stranger (deep sound effect remix) Olsein, Sofia 2 Come Alive (Boom Jinx Deep vocal mix) Boom Jinx, Katrine Stenbekk, Z:n 3 Get Better (Gon Haziri remix) Dj Tarkan, Yalena 4 My Feelings For You (original vocal mix) Kaisa Martina & Denis Laurent 5 Balloon Ranger (Clavis remix) Ane Brun 6 Home (original mix) Atapy 7 This Is Love (original) Mahfoud, Javier Orduna 8 No Captain (feat Polica - Dirty South remix) Lane 8 9 Surrender (feat Mariel Beausejour - extended mix) Marsh 10 Like You (extended mix) Marsh & Wassu 11 Boundless (extended mix) Sound Quelle & Brandon Mignacca 12 Without (Tim Green remix) Baile & Tim Green, Felicia Douglass 13 Miss You (Hexlogic remix) Ad Brown & LTN & Cat Martin 14 Things We Might Have Said (feat Cari Golden) Reinier Zonneveld 15 Sulawesi (original mix) Roan Orion 16 For The Night (extended mix) Proff & Eksf 17 Vision Of You (extended mix) Andretta 18 No Dancers (Adam Port remix) Cubicolor 19 Tongues (Sandy Rivera remix) Dj Musique, Lvision 20 Crystal Clear (feat Ursula Rucker) Riva Starr, Camelphat https://ladyduracellqueenoffunk.podomatic.com http://www.ladyduracell.com https://www.wegetlifted.com http://www.facebook.com/LadyDuracellDJ http://www.facebook.com/groups/ladyduracell http://twitter.com/LadyDuracell Get Lifted Clothing: http://www.JackFresh.com

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