Get Lifted Guest Mix from DJ Bones


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When I think of DJ Bones, I automatically think "Jazzy" He's played everywhere from Sunrise, Energy and Biology to name but a few, and currently presents “The Ninja Sessions” on every Sunday 20.00 - 22.00 GMT. You're going to love this Get Lifted Guest Mix, and I'm just going to let his mix do the talking! Find out more here: 1. Zoowax - Nine To Five 2. Used Disco Just Breathe 3. Austin Ato - Song For Mr Lewis 4. Stacy Kidd - Joy 5. Rubix - Fast Ride 6. Bluejeans - Don’t Laugh 7. Dolly Rockers - Scat 8. BD Ninja - Deep Space 9. Orlando Magik - Moving Body 10. Teeja Walton & Gina Glover - Rescue Me 11. DeejayKul - Loose My Mind 12. Danae - You Got Me Up 13. Deepo - Get Out 14. Sade - Smooth Operator/Red Eye Get Lifted Clothing:

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