Getting Split Ready Episode 15 (Preview): Money Matters - The Value of a Divorce Financial Professional


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Generally, in marriage, a couple works together to build a life and future. A large part of this is financial. Bank accounts, retirement accounts, real estate and many other types of financial instruments become the bases of this plan. Divorce is an undeniable speed bump to this and, when a split happens, the divorcing couple needs to divide the marital assets fairly and efficiently to get the best chance at a new start. This process, however, must be approached with some deal of caution as mistakes can be costly. As a result, it is essential for divorcing couples the deliberately plan for the split which should always involve a financial professional who is trained and experienced in the unique challenges that come with untangling the finances. Join us for a conversation with Jim Johnson - CFP®,CDFA®,ChFC®,CLU,AEP to explore what a divorcer financial professional does and why they are so important. About Jim Johnson Jim Johnson is founder and president of Heartland Family Mediators, LLC. His listening skills, sensitivity and style combine with a mediation method that has proven effective in helping couples achieve family peace before, during and following divorce. Also let us know if there are questions on divorce, separation and starting over that you want our need answered at Are you considering divorce? Get split ready at Getting Split Ready is produced by Ernie Scatton and EAS Productions. For information on launching your own podcast, contact EAS Productions at 708.989.3985 or

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