Ep 110 - Austin Stirling & the Other Side of Tragedy


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Talented musician Austin Stirling shares his life story with us and how sometimes the other side of tragedy can be a good thing. His music style is perhaps best described as Dark Folk that goes straight to your soul. We featured some of this music from the new album in the podcast. They are in order of appearance: "War Drums" "From The Dirt" "With The Wolves" Austin's music mixes up a serious mesh of influences from Blues, Country, the sweaty vibes of Rockabilly, and Saturday evening mischief before Sunday morning reflection. His music stretches through dozens of styles, but always comes out sounding like his own badass reflection. He holds tightly the reins of the music until it's time to break free like wild bulls, allowing his recordings the opportunity to discover the brilliant energy that is his live show. Listen to Austin on Spotify, Youtube, or CDbaby.

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