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WE ARE BECOMING A COMMUNITY OF GRACE AND PEACE FOR THE GOOD OF OUR CITY AND THE FAME OF JESUS. Our vision was born out of an angst. We find ourselves in a unique cultural moment in the west. John Mark Comer, a pastor, and writer from Portland, OR, says this: While 49% of millennials and 65% of American adults as a whole still identify as “Christian” in national surveys, a recent in-depth analysis by the Barna Group, a Christian Think Tank, put the number of young adults who are “resilient disciples” at 10%. Christians in the West are now considered what sociologists call a “cognitive minority.” Meaning our worldview and value system are at sharp odds with the culture around us. So how do we respond to that? One way to respond to this is to point the finger out at the world and blame culture, blame society and blame others. Or, we can take an honest evaluation of the church in the west, our local churches and see where we have failed, have conversations with a few of the 90% of young adults who are not considered resilient disciples, learn from them, learn from our mistakes, and see where we might have opportunities to recapture imagination for what the church should be. We believe the better solution is the latter. That is what has led us to our vision. “becoming a community of grace and peace for the good of our city and the fame of Jesus.” We meet at the Malco in Collierville, TN, every Sunday at 9:30am. To learn more, visit us at

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