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Want to improve your understanding of the Greek spoken word? One way to improve your listening skills and to learn to understand native speakers when they speak at a normal rate is, amongst other things, to listen to the Greekathon podcast! By listening carefully to the podcasts, you have the chance to improve you accent and fluency when you speak, as you are gaining more exposure to the sounds of the language. These podcasts will help you sharpen your comprehension skills, improve your vocabulary and grammar, and enhance your ability to focus. Greekathon podcasts will also keep you in touch with the culture and allow you to delve into the Greek language at your own pace. 8 steps follow. 1.Set aside some time each day to listen. Even if you only listen for five or ten minutes each day, you'll still be exposed to the Greek language, and that's what you are trying to do. 2. Don't worry if you don't understand anything at first. If you're only getting the occasional word, you're still getting something. 3. One place to start is to listen to things that repeat. 4. Even the titles will give you something on which to build. 5. If you don't understand all the words, choose the most common and the ones of interest or relevance to you to learn first. This strategy means that you will learn words in the order you need them. 6. Try to understand a little more each time you listen 7. Learn a few words today, any way you learn them, and learn a few more tomorrow. 8. Most of all, have fun and make jokes about your learning. Voice overs: Niki Farfara & Anita Ladas

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