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Gruver Solutions is about technology, photography, and life in general. Every week I give my opinions, observations and views regarding different areas of interest to me. Nothing I say should be taken as any form of professional advice. Tip Jar: Cash/USD:$CharlesGruver LTC: LgrUJkyFKCbVdrxNWrvWUF64Z5SMkh2c3W ETH: 0xd2ae6b7537774b0afa6976bbbfea0136da7abdb9 DASH: XqzJVJE6ChwcsanZzE9i1QNK6w9HEi9qtE DGB: D9cp4W7o2AT9HW5h88r77ekXjcfvDQe6yh DOGE: D86qkBLxu9ov2usHbSRyJxthe85EheWQPW

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