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Stimming joins the pod for a hearty, autumnal, philosophical ramble which I found most fulfilling (actually we spoke in the summer but the falling leaves around here are turning my sense of time)

He's been producing quality textural groovers for a long time and his new Album LUDWIG has just taken flight and he's certainly stretching himself to new astral spaces. Highly recommended! He says of this new album process:

“I was making a living from dance music for such a long time, and during the last years I came to the point where I said to myself, ‘man you are hiding so much of your own horizon”

He's a funny and honest chap that has found his voice in the noisy world of house and "outer" house. The mastery of sound is spot on. Dynamic, patient, immerse, harmonically rich. Many adjectives apply :) Welcome to the pod Stimming!

Nitty 89 is dedicated to

maffez synthmods who is a wonderfully talented modder and builder in Austria who turned my RD8 into a WAY more interesting machine. This nitty is an attempt to SING drum patterns using audio loopers and envelope followers to create control tracks and it works rather well!

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kaudog ! here are the pertinent links

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Stimming Reviews (a must)

Telekom electronic beats TV

now the creators of that content make stuff under a new banner

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