Hard Factor 12/6: Florida Man Won't Stop Jacking Off, Another Abandons Son On Side Of Road For Being Gay, Wild Hogs Taking Over Neighborhood


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On today's Florida Man Friday...

- Wild boars are destroying an entire neighborhood and the HOA isn't doing shit

- An entrepreneur in Jacksonville is doing orthodontic work on the extra cheap

- Florida couple buys baby shower gift from Goodwill and the box contained a fully loaded assault rifle

- Armed jewelry store robbery turns into UPS car jacking and multiple death shootout

- A music teacher plays unwanted grab-ass with a janitor, gets caught and is labeled Mr. Hollands Gropus

- Man abandons gay son on side of the road for being gay

- Man caught jacking off in public assaults elderly man that asks him to stop jacking off

- Elderly homeless couple gets caught having sex on the sidewalk

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