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We’ve made it to the ninth episode of season three of the Hayden Squared Talk Show. We have a pretty simple episode this week. Hawkins does a movie review over “The Woman in the Window” [https://g.co/kgs/d84VnL] which he rated an 8.5/10. Renaud does his second ranking of musical songs. This week he did the top ten “Hamilton” [https://g.co/kgs/Txa83W] songs. We of course have our usual segments, Urban Dictionary and Random Tidbits. Happy National Idaho Day! Also, stop blamestorming!

00:00 - Intro

05:40 - [Movie Review] The Woman in the Window [https://g.co/kgs/d84VnL]

18:04 - [Musical Theatre Songs Ranked] Hamilton [https://g.co/kgs/Txa83W]

40:44- Urban Dictionary

45:56 - Random Tidbits

53:52 - Outro

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