#86 David Gregor (Morta Skuld)


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Welcome to this weeks episode of Heavy Metal History. My guest this week is founding member and guitarist, David Gregor, of the legendary underground Milwaukee Wisconsin based Death Metal band Morta Skuld.

Morta Skuld was conceived in the early 90’s during the Death Metal explosion in America. The band achieved moderate success between 1993 and 1997 but somewhere along the line got a bit lost and relegated to a more obscure band amongst history in the flood of other releases and bands over the years. In 1994, less than a year after releasing their first record “Dying Remains” Morta Skuld released their 2nd record “As Humanity Fades” a record that is inherently heavy as it is devastating. For a release that came out in 1994 it showed that Death Metal was far from dead and in this episode David joins me on the podcast to discuss the making of “As Humanity Fades” and its 25 year legacy as and album and as a band. This conversation about the album was to go into the February 1994 episode, but I felt like giving David his own full episode here because of all the behind the scenes making of the album and the bands history he shared.

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