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Motherhood shouldn’t feel lonely or be depleting, and it shouldn’t be filled with self-doubt. With simple tools and resources, women can build inner and outer strength to tackle all that motherhood throws their way. I started Hello My Tribe because I needed more of everything as a new mom -- more support, more community, more understanding, more information, and more opportunity. During my first year of motherhood, I felt isolated, lonely, anxious, depressed, frustrated, angry, and misunderstood, and I went through an identity crisis. Sometimes I still feel all of this, even four years postpartum. Through these experiences, I shared my story in 2016, came to learn I wasn’t alone, and found many solutions. I am now on a mission with Hello My Tribe to support women in all aspects of motherhood. Through content, campaigns, events, and both digital and in-person communities, we bring our two big beliefs to life. First, that motherhood is a team sport and second, that guilt-free self-care is a necessity. I’m so thankful to be on this journey with you. xoxo, Alex

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