Episode 70: A Scientist Turned Science Communicator


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Our guest today is Dr. Sophie Arthur (Ph.D.), a Science Communicator Officer at MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences. She transitioned from being a scientist to pursuing a career in science communication because of her love for science writing and after creating a successful science blog called Sophie Talks Science. Her blog won The Best Education Award at The UK Bloggers Awards in 2018. Sophie recently finished up my Ph.D. in stem cell biology from the University of Southampton, UK. She passionately advocates for diversity & inclusion in STEM through her work on social media. Listen now to Sophie's interesting STEM story.

In this episode we discuss;

1) What got Sophie interested in becoming a scientist?

2) Her education journey to pursuing a Ph.D. degree & about her stem cell research.

3) How she found her way into science communication?

4) How she created her successful blog and used social media for her outreach efforts?

5) Her best advice for new science communicators.

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Sophie Talks Science


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