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Christian and Joe get into Issue #1 of the Anointed 7, a comic about God's elite fighting force elected to defeat the Anti-Christ...
-Will it have cyborgs and drugs? Yes it will!
-Will it have pious Christians being persecuted and exterminated just for their beliefs?! Oh, you know it's gonna have all that!
-Will it have half-cat mutants and pegasi? It's hard to tell because the art is so half-assed, only an indifferent Christian parent would buy it..
Spoiler Alert: This barely-book has sold thousands and it continues to dominate Christian-comic markets. Ugh..
Also in this Episode:

  • Christian tries to dethrone Joe as King of the Bible cards... again...
  • What's inside a sealed pack of Redemption cards designed specifically for women?
  • The guys enlist some listeners to help design the Ultimate Christian Superhero!

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