Summer 2021 Countdown to Check-in


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We’re SO excited for you to join us at camp, but we know that waiting for the gates to open can seem to take forever when you just CAN’T WAIT for the magic to begin. We hope you’ll download this podcast episode and listen to it during your drive to camp or your check-in wait.

You can expect to hear:

0:00 - Welcome from Stacie

0:55 - Introduction by Cory & Jenna

3:55 - Slow Song: One Tin Soldier

7:35 - A Message from Camp Store

8:10 - Mark, DQ, and Alex Introductions

12:50 - Interview with DQ: Leadership Development Program

16:00 - Interview with Mark: Adventure Program

20:00 - Interview with Alex: Divisions and Camp Daily Schedule

25:50 - Favorite Camp Activities

31:15 - Slow Song: Blowing in the Wind

33:55 - A Message from the Waterfront

34:20 - What’s New for 2021 with Cory & Jenna

41:00 - Slow Song: Circle Game

45:10 - A Message from the Dining Hall

46:55 - A Message from the Communications Team

48:05 - Camp Greenville Traditions with Nate

52:00 - Slow Song: Friends

55:30 - Closing & “See You Soon” from Cory & Jenna

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