High Capacity Woman: Business Building with Barbara Littles


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Who is the high capacity woman? She leads, she’s powerful, strong, unforgettable and brilliantly poised for purpose. She is a business or career professional who takes a wholistic approach to life as she builds her business and her life from the inside out. She is not a spectator of life, she does life high capacity style; not as a myth of the superwomen but as the fierce women she isShe cannot be marginalized because she’s breaking every margin in business, career, leadership and life.Join me on my podcast as we laugh, cry, talk business and career building strategies, the real deal on how women lead, and just good old fashioned life strategies for living our best life. It’s our time ladies. Let’s do business and life together. Grab your latte, mocha or favorite tea and tune in every Tuesday morning at 10:00 a.m. and learn what your mama never told you; high capacity style. See you soon.

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