Leeza Smith: On Starting A Podcast And Living With Bold Authenticity And Vulnerability


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In this episode...

We have fellow podcaster Leeza Smith on today! If you've been thinking about starting a podcast but imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs or not knowing where to start is holding you back - we're gonna bust through all of that today. In this episode you'll learn everything you need to know in starting a podcast, tips on how to get high profile guests on your show, and how to create a powerfully authentic and aligned show you love that provides value.

  • What you should make sure you have ready to get your podcast up & running
  • Beginner podcasting tools
  • How to find and leverage amazing guests to grow your show
  • Why authenticity matters and how being vulnerable provides value and connection to your audience

Mentioned in Show:

Leeza' Smith's podcast, Leeza Rants is an insightful, entertaining and relatable show where she holds nothing back in sharing her thoughts on dating, self development, astrology, and self love. The way she shares her personal stories, unfiltered thoughts and raw emotions always hits a chord with me. Its super inspiring and its the type of realness I am so here for.
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