Episode 12 Ready To Love? Oh Aight...


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Episode 12 of The Couple's Therapy Podcast: Ready To Love? Oh Aight... We're back with the new installment; your favorite couple tackling the hard hitting topics . First we begin by reminiscing about Thanksgiving memories. Next we dissect the Pastor John Gray interview with Sister Circle and our reaction to his reaction of a reaction video, lol. We explore the interviews common thread to a new show we stumbled upon entitled "Ready To Love". After that we put you up on game with some new things we find interesting. And lastly we do a follow up with BET and see what they've been working on. Enjoy. (Sorry for this week's sound quality, we couldn't fix it in post, but still wanted to give y'all an episode this week.) ****Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to catch the next episode**** check us out on our socials. @thecouplestheraphypodcast

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