Jen Klewitz and Aboriginal Australian Family, the Davies: NOLS Australia


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We have a very special show for you this week on the Hot Drinks podcast!

In this episode, I am joined by NOLS Instructor Jen Klewitz and 3 Abagrigional Austrailna’s from the Bardi community who used to work with NOLS students during their cultural section semester courses. They are Irene Davey, a Bardi Elder, and leading voice in the Kimberly region, her son Russell Wasi Davey (goes by Wasi), and Irene’s Nephew Koji AhChoo

A few weeks after I started the podcast Jen, who I had not known before, sent me this note. “For the nearly 15 years I’ve known Irene, she has always expressed her love of her NOLS students, told stories of the adventures she had teaching NOLS cultural sections, and in recent years has expressed an ardent desire to reconnect with her former NOLS students and former NOLS instructors from across the US and around the world. I thought this would be the perfect chance.”

I loved the idea and contented with Jen to learn more about Irene, her family and the Bardi community. We discussed the best way to run the interview, and then Jen went to work trying to schedule a time that would work for the 5 of us to talk.

Jen has created an email address for anyone who wants to reach out and be put them in touch with Irene and her family.

The email is: nolsbardimob@gmail.comI can’t thanks Jen enough for presenting this idea and making it happen. If you appreciate the work we are doing here at the Hot Dinks podcast and want to support us, you can make a donation by clicking on the donate button on our website at

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